Why Rezalliance?

Authenticity and pragmatism combined with a holistic, sytemic and intersectional vision:

With Rezalliance by your side, the journey to inclusivity is simpler and more rewarding.

Far from an idealistic concept, inclusion is simply the application of the principle of equality regardless of the visible differences or not: it is pragmatism as much as it is humanism.


Exclusion in the professional context is manifested by harassment and discrimination in multiple forms. These attacks on the integrity of individuals generate violence that impacts employees, organizations and has repercussions at all levels of society.

We strongly believe in a world of work in which every individual is respected in their integrity, treated fairly and can achieve their full potential. A state of mind that must be cultivated for the benefit of everyone.

This is the reason why we design effective solutions to strengthen inclusion in the world of work and we support organizations through a constructive, methodical and pragmatic approach: the best guarantee of long-term efficiency.

Integrity – Justice – Inclusion


Three core values that serve as a compass to always keep in view our purpose: To make the journey from diversity to inclusion simpler and more rewarding for employers and employees.




Rezalliance Consulting : Boutique consulting firm offering tailor-made services to employers wishing to elevate their organization towards more inclusiveness.

Rezalliance Association : Non-profit organization whose mission is to safeguard human integrity, stem harassment and discrimination and strengthen inclusion in the world of work. Its members form a growing network of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have decided to be part of the solution.
More info www.rezalliance-asso.com

Rez-Care : A unique platform dedicated to listening to and supporting people affected by harassment and discrimination of all forms in the world of work.
More info www.rez-care.com

Three pillars to develop a global, holistic, intersectional, systemic understanding of the problem and thus offer pragmatic and constructive solutions to both employees and employers.

The relevance of an ecosystem dedicated to solving a human, business and social problem.

Who are we?

Joëlle PAYOM
Executive Director

  • Of French nationality and of Cameroonian origin (Bamiléké), Joëlle Payom arrived in France at the age of 10 after her father took up a position in an international organization.
  • Academic background: Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages + Master’s degree in business development + Master’s degree in international purchasing
  • 20 years of experience in large companies in France and Switzerland: Positions of responsibility involving the management of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, project management, governance, negotiation and optimization of costs and risks.
  • Her experiences in various industries (Automotive, Aeronautics, Retail, Consumer Goods, IT and Telecom) have enabled her to identify the mechanisms and consequences of exclusion for individuals, companies, and society in its entirety.
  • In 2020, she decided to put her skills at the service of her values (aligning the head with the heart), driven by the deep desire to help work organizations take care of their most precious asset: the human in all its diversity.
  • Faced with what she considers to be one of the major challenges in the evolution of humanity, she develops and implements her « systemic response to a systemic problem » based on an intersectional analysis of the problem, the only relevant approach in her eyes for considering the experience of each individual in its uniqueness.

Advisory Board

Tal Schibler

Lawyer registered with the Geneva Bar since 1992

– Corporate law
– International business operations
– Joint ventures
– Litigation and arbitration

Maya Dougoud


– Public law, academic law, data protection law.
– Associate Professor University of Management Friborg
– Founder and Co-President StrukturELLE