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A methodical and pragmatic approach to inclusion
for a sustainable transformation of companies and organizations
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Human beings are the heart of organizational performance

Rezalliance responds to a societal challenge: the place of the human being as a driver of the performance of work organizations

What are we talking about?

DIVERSITY : Characteristics that make an individual unique: Gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, health status, religious beliefs, cognitive diversity, social class, etc.

ÉQUITY: Means deployed to achieve equal rights which remains an end

INCLUSION: A process aiming at recognizing and respecting differences in order to ensure equal treatment for each individual.

INTERSECTIONALITY : Term conceptualized by the African-American jurist Kimberlé Crenshaw, to highlight the specificity of the experience of people at the crossroads of multiple forms of oppression impacting them interactively and simultaneously.

Why inclusion?

Far from being a fad or a utopia, inclusion is the application of the principle of equal human rights. This key principle guarantees the balance of our modern societies.

Inclusion is a human skill to be developed in all organizations in order to preserve a working environment that is healthy, safe and efficient.

Accelerator of individual fulfillment and collective growth

A state of mind to be developed at all levels to increase well-being and individual fulfilment, and automatically improve the performance of work organizations.

Expression of a paradigm shift

An increased demand for a world of work that is more respectful of individuals and fairer, driven by civil society and future generations of workers. This change in mentality is an opportunity for employers to get in tune with societal changes to increase their profitability in a sustainable way.


Better innovation

Companies with above-average diversity report 19% higher innovation revenue.


Better profitability

Companies with ethnically diverse teams are 36% more
likely to outperform on profitability.


Better decisions

Diverse and inclusive teams make better decisions 87% of the time.


Better performance

87% of the most admired companies see positive impact of diversity and inclusion on their performance.

Source: Korn Ferry report 2022

Provider of integrated solutions for inclusive and high-performing organizations

The barriers

Since inclusion is as beneficial for employees as it is for employers, why are organizations failing to implement it?
The different forms of harassment and discrimination are barriers to break down to allow organizations to develop while respecting the integrity of all their employees.

All work organizations are concerned, private, public, NGOs, schools, universities. No sector is spared from this scourge which weakens society as a whole.

For more data on harassment and discrimination in the world of work, consult the association’s website: www.rezalliance-asso.com

The solutions

Inclusion is an accelerator of individual and collective growth that it is the process which makes it possible to reduce the psychosocial and reputational risks linked to harassment and discrimination while boosting the performance of organizations. This process is easy to put into practice once you gain an understanding of the issues and mechanisms leading to exclusion.

It is with this objective that Rezalliance designs and develops concrete and pragmatic solutions to respond to a problem that is far too complex to be approached from a single angle.

Our solutions are designed to serve both employees and employers, in doing so, we contribute to the profound transformation of work organizations and society towards more inclusiveness.

We are committed to supporting organizations and the individuals who constitute them in the implementation of inclusive practices that make it possible to capitalize on differences to create lasting meaning, fulfillment, and wealth

Solutions for employers

You work in the private or public sector, for an NGO, school, university or other: We offer services tailored to the needs of your organization.

Rez-Care for employees

You are an employee (including consultants, interns, apprentices) facing harassment and discrimination in the workplace, whatever your sector of activity: the Rezalliance Care (rez-care) offer is the turnkey solution to help you cope and rebound.