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Humanity is at a turning point in its evolution.

The divisions and tensions are exacerbated by the scarcity of natural resources, a corollary of climate change but not only.

The resulting violence both in civil society and within work organizations is also the reflection of a much deeper evil that is due to several factors, including the ability of human beings to apprehend differences as complementarities and not as problems.

Faced with behaviors that undermine the integrity of individuals, awareness is insufficient. Therefore, we must act with pragmatism and methodology to reverse the trend by creating the practices and conditions for a more inclusive, more peaceful, more serene society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must be fully exercised to support the transformation of work environments to ensure that each employee feels safe, respected in their integrity and can achieve their full potential for the benefit of the organization.

Employers: your responsibility is engaged!
Rezalliance supports you at every step of the process towards more inclusiveness.

Rezalliance cover 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations Organization

What are the organizations that contact us looking for?

  1. Reduce psychosocial and reputational risks.
  2. Increase employee motivation, engagement, and productivity
  3. Generate innovation, accelerator of performance and growth.
  4. Protect and improve brand image to attract and retain top talents and partners.
Whatever your sector of activity or the size of your organization, our approach allows us to offer you an offer adapted to your needs and implement preventive and corrective solutions: Harassment and discrimination of all forms cost you dearly and their impact ripples through society as a whole.

It is a crucial, complex, and costly problem that requires effective and humane management of the associated risks.

We help you to: :

  • Evaluate the relevance and solidity of your psychosocial risk management processes related to harassment and discrimination of all forms: From collecting the testimony of potential victims, witnesses and protagonists to closing cases.
  • Mature your strategic thinking and define internal principles and procedures aligned with the vision and missions of your organization.
  • Implement preventive and corrective action plans and measure the results.

To receive a tailor-made offer, send an email to service@rezalliance.com

    Inclusion is a key driver of profitability
    requiring continuous effort and investment

    RezallianceAccording to the International Labor Office, companies that develop inclusive practices are 60% more likely to see their profits and productivity increase, to enjoy a better reputation, to attract and retain more talent and also generate more creativity and innovation.

    The human benefits are also there: by promoting a more equitable work environment, inclusion increases the fulfillment and general well-being of employees. The turnover rate decreases, making it possible to save money on new hires.

    Thanks to our holistic, systemic and intersectional approach, the path to inclusiveness becomes simpler and more rewarding with Rezalliance by your side.

    The relevance of Rezalliance

    • The multidisciplinarity of an ecosystem dedicated to understanding the complexity of a theme that is far too complex to be approached from a single angle.
    • A 360-degree understanding covering the multiple dimensions of the problem: from symptoms to root causes and aggravating factors.
    • An empirical approach encompassing all key areas (health, career, legal), combined with business skills and mastery of organizational governance systems.
    • A full range of tailor-made services.
    • Methodology, pragmatism, and agility for excellent value for money: the advantages of a human-sized structure offering transversal skills on the theme of inclusion.

    Convention N.190 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) // REZ-CARE @Rezalliance


    • ILO Convention 190 developed in 2019 formalizes the legal prohibition of violence and harassment in the world of work and the obligation to take effective action to prevent cases and assist victims.
    • Rezalliance has developped a unique platform, REZ-CARE.COM, that offers a safe place for employees targeted by harassment and discrimination of all forms to speak out and get support from vetted experts. While helping individuals to heal and bounce back, Rezalliance aims to equip employers with efficient tools to mitigate psychosocial and reputational risks.
    • Through this one-stop platform, we provide a constructive solution to identify and resolve conflicts related to workplace harassment and discrimination and to help employers to safeguard the integrity of their employees  and to comply with ILO190 Convention.

    For more information about our platform, visit the page dedicated to REZ-CARE

    Support methodology for employers

    Areas of intervention

    Speaking engagements

    • Objective: Having honest and inspirational conversations using storytelling helps to capture attention, arouse interest and raise awareness on a business and social issue and the related topics (diversity, inclusion, harassment, discrimination) including the impact on the health of both individuals and organizations, and the necessary resilience to deal with it.
    • Tool: Workshops, seminars or larger gatherings.
    • Methodology: Leveraging lived experience to share authentic stories around the genesis of Rezalliance, born from the transformation of a traumatic experience into a mission and a collective adventure aimed at strengthening inclusion within work organizations

      Awareness sessions and immersive experience

      • Objective: Open the dialogue, raise awareness, unleash empathy, all without judgment.
      • Tool: Onsite or online workshops that can involve role-playing facilitated by professional actors (onsite only) using theatrical staging techniques.
      • Methodology: Building on lived experience and storytelling to create an emotional connection with and between the participants.


      We act as a trusted third party, neutral and free from any internal pressure, to provide employers with a deep understanding of each case thanks to our systemic, holistic and intersectional approach.

      • Objective : Qualify the situation in order to provide the clarity needed to make the most appropriate decisions.
      • Tool : Tailor-made according to key parameters.
      • Methodology : Because each situation is unique, we adapt the means and resources according to our holistic and systemic approach.

      Why is it necessary to carry out investigations in the event of suspicion of harassment?

      • Because harassment goes hand in hand with manipulation: Untangling fact from fiction is very difficult for the employer.
      • Don’t get caught in the trap: Bullies have a perfect understanding of how your organization works and know how to use internal tools and processes and how to camouflage themselves.
      • Are you sure you are firing the right person? Rezalliance helps you see more clearly.

      Audit of existing process, tools and systems

      • Objective : Identify the flaws in your systems and suggest areas for improvement.
      • Device : Made to measure, according to specifications.
      • Methodology : Documentary review, interviews with stakeholders, writing of a report, restitution in plenary meeting.

      Strategic definitions

      • Objective : To support strategic thinking prior to the implementation of relevant action plans by integrating in particular the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) principles.
      • Tool : Made to measure, according to specifications.
      • Methodology : Project leadership/management, change management.


      • Objective : Find the appropriate resources to support the cultural transformation of your organization. This includes identifying profiles with a resolutely inclusive mindset or seeking specific solutions related to the overall theme of inclusion.
      • Tool : Made to measure, according to specifications.
      • Methodology : We capitalize on our expertise in the field of Purchasing (more than 20 years of experience) to find the relevant resources at the best price, relying on our network of profiling specialists.

      ESG-ISO 26000 

      ISO 26000 sets guidelines for organizations that recognize that socially responsible and environmentally responsible behavior is a key factor for success.

      This standard is increasingly applied to assess the commitment of organizations to sustainable development.

      Our solutions cover three of the seven central themes of ISO 26000

      1. Human rights
      2. Working relationships and conditions
      3. Organizational governance

      Our interventions are carried out by independent consultants.
      For details on our offer or to receive a proposal adapted to your needs, contact us.


      « After the workshop, we had an incredibly positive response, especially from the first-year students. They were enthusiastic that it was provided during the orientation day. It makes them feel better knowing that there are these kinds of considerations around their safety. » Click to read the full article!